November 27, 2019


Currently residing in Tofino B.C., Hanna Scott is one of Canada’s best surfers. At odds with surfing competitions, Hanna’s introverted, artistic tendencies were often challenged by the demands and limitations that competition places on surfing. Though she enjoys the people, the parties and her father’s pep talks, the competitive nature never resonated with Hanna’s style. Instead, Hanna yearns for the freedom that wild spaces provide, far removed from the crowded waves so associated with the Americas. She ventured to be in a place that required extra effort to find comfort and the opportunity to learn more about how to tame the wilderness of Canada’s sea.

To do this, Hanna entrusted in calling two of her closest friends, who both equally matched her love for adventure, Tatum Monod & Sara Taylor. The three of them set out by boat on a multi-day trip to a remote surf break, north of Tofino. Check out this short film project and experience the journey in company with the women as they playfully navigate the frigid and rugged conditions, in pursuit of the joy that lies on the other side of discomfort.