September 30, 2021


VANS teamed up with MAGENTA SKATEBOARDS to launch a joint series of SKATE CLASSICS professional skateboarding shoes for skater SHOGO ZAMA.

Vans is honored to team up with skater's own brand Magenta Skateboards and Vans APAC skater Shogo Zama to jointly launch a new set of Skate Classics co-branded series.

This set of Skate Classics co-branded series features a stronger structure and tougher materials, providing skaters with world-class performance and comfortable feet. This series is based on Skate Era, and also includes a pair of Skate Chukka. Their aesthetic inspiration comes from the classic retro culture of the 90s.

Magenta Skateboards was founded in Paris by Soy Panday and his brothers Vivien and Jean Feil. From the 80s to the mid-90s, almost every skater wore Vans' classic shoes, and the veterans of Magenta were deeply influenced by it.

"As we grow up, Era and Chukka will appear in every skateboarding film. Personally, my dream of working with Vans has finally become a reality."
— Soy Panday

Magenta has always had close ties with the Japanese underground skateboarding community. When they first visited Japan, they found a skater Shogo Zama who took into account the terrain and style. He officially joined Magenta in 2020 and became a member of the team. One member.

The Skate Classics Magenta x Shogo Zama joint series is inspired by the four seasons, giving the series a natural magenta hue that is synonymous with "Magenta". The embroidered pattern on the heel is a view of Mount Fuji taken by Soy Panday in Shogo's hometown. Each pair of shoes represents the craftsmanship standard of Vans Skateboarding, so it is matched with an exclusive label on the tongue-"World's No. 1 Skateboarding Shoe (unparalleled in the world)"

“Shogo is in the spring, and I am in the fall. We represent two generations of skateboarders and love the same pair of shoes at the same time. We hope that this joint series can attract skateboarders of all ages and all ages. "
—— Soy Panda.